Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Back

Last weekend ended up doing solo 75 miles on Saturday and then Orville Milk Race on Sunday. At Orville I did not make the final 8-10 man split and chased with Thom Humphrey for a lap and a half. It was hot and hard. I considered quitting but did not. I think we ended up around the top ten out of 25 or so Masters racers.

Then in the name of sporadic riding, I took most of the week off the bike, then did the big bike ride to Cinci. Left just before 12noon on Thursday in the prime time heat....brilliant!

We had a nice tailwind for the first few hours and with the moto to draft behind, I delusionally though I could average 25 mph....wrong! I did manage to cook myself, however. From my house, we ended up taking Riverview to Everett to State Road (SR 94) into Wooster and then SR 83 south through Millersburg and many other quaint Ohio towns. We ended up traveling on SR 36 (a very nice road) and I decided to call it a day in Warsaw, OH. I climbed off the bike after 6 hours and 110 miles.

We then McGivered the bike onto the moto and headed across SR 36 towards Columbus. After enjoying a cool sunset, we got to Delaware around 8:00pm.

After a delicious dinner at Bob Evans we retired for the evening at our accomodations at Quality Inn. I got up in the morning at around 5am and after breakfast and attending to work email and ebay auctions, was out the door by 6:45am. The section of US Route 42 south of Delaware is FLAT as a pancake. Friday was another beautiful day and my legs felt much better this day than the prior one. My dad slept in a bit so I was on my own much of the day. His big BMW 1200 is not geared for 20-25 mph riding and my legs are not geared for 30-35 mph riding. The 100 mile stretch between Delaware and Mason featured smooth and flat roads, minimal traffic and courteous drivers. With light winds I was able to knock out the first 100 miles in total time of 5:15 which included a quick flat change. For the day ended up with 135 miles in 7:30 hours. I only stopped to fill the bottles twice and to change a flat in Xenia.

Spent the next two days poolside with beer in hand. Getting ready for my 40th birthday this weekend and hopefully some good form for the Big Valley race on August 30th.

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