Thursday, August 06, 2009


The weekend of July 24th ad 25th John Bodell and I went up to the velodrome in Rochester Hills Michigan just north of Detroit. After a 3 hour drive, we were able to ride the track for a couple hours on friday evening and afterwards were able to watch the exciting Madison Racing Friday night under the lights. The track is 200 meters with 40 degree was it fun! In addition to riding, John and I were able to meet with the management team of the track along with its builder, Dale Hughes. It was very valuable experience for both of us. We are super motivated to get a comparable track built in Cleveland area.

There was a little rain in Saturday morning, but once it stopped and the track dried I was able to do the Track Cycling 101 course. I got another 3 hours of riding in and left for home around 4pm on Saturday. The next day I did the Sweet Corn Challenge with Ross, Ray, Bob and Ken. I ended up with 4 hours and about 70 miles for the day. I took the next three days off and went to the Lakewood Spin group ride on Wednesday. It was fast with a few short hard climbs and I felt really good during the ride.

I then proceeded to take the next 6 days off (WTF?) and did not get back on the bike again until this past Tuesday at Westlake. The A group did 19 laps. Since I had not ridden in a while, the plan was to sit in for the day. The other reason to sit in, is that my big chain ring is worn and the chain wants to slip off when I really crank on the power. Not good. After the winning break formed, I was content to sit comfortably in the chase group. We averaged about 26.5 mph according to Keller, so not a bad workout.

Planning 80 to 100 miles on Saturday with the Shaker Group and either Orville Milk Race or 3-4 hour group ride on Sunday.

Also, I just listed on Ebay my 2009 S Works Carbon Hardtail frame. It is a medium and has never been ridden. Here is the link.

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