Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Political Thought for the Day

If car insurance were treated the same way as the proposed universal health care, here is what it would look like:

Mandated covered oil changes every 4000 miles (do you think price of oil changes would go up if Uncle Sam was paying?)

Mandated covered tune-ups annually.

Mandated covered wiper blades annually.

Burnt out bulb? Covered.

Your insurance would have to pay to fix pre-existing dents.

Nationalized AUTOCARE would only pay ‘providers’ 40% of the actual cost of changing the oil or fixing dents, driving up the cost for those with private insurance, or forcing many car clinics out of business.

Makes sense:)


1 comment:

Kevin said...

Conversely, if auto insurance were managed like private health insurance, a wiper blade would be $500, an oil change would cost $4000, and if you were in an accident that caused more than $10000 of damage to your car, you'd continue to receive bills from the mechanic and your insurer for the next 2 years until you and your lawyers spent 20 hours on the phone sorting it out.

But yeah, I don't think it's necessary to nationalize health insurance to fix its problems. It makes a lot more sense to identify the problems first then fix them.