Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bike Riding

Have been doing a little bikin' here and there. Did first Westlake race on 5/5. I got into an early break with Dick, Batke and Riccardi. We stayed away for 2 laps (I think). We got caught and Batke and Bob Martin took off. A few more joined them later, then Paul Martin took a few more to form the final move with what appeared to be at least 10 strong. The rest of us would ride steady and would not get a glimpse of the lead group again. I broke a spoke with 5 to go. Stopped to have a look and unhooked the rear brake so the wheel would spin. Jumped back in and rode in with the group.

Then on Thursday 5/7, I did a hard ride with Shaker Group that included Derek and some others. Lots of accelerations and hard efforts.

Last week I got out Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Saturday I did 4 hours on the mountain bike with 5 laps on the O&E Camba trail. On Sunday, I got in just under 3 hours Zone 2 and Zone 3 riding on the road bike. Yesterday I managed 3 laps at the Knob (2 with Twining). Tonight, the plan is to race at Westlake tonight for some speed and hard efforts.

Trying to race Saturday at the Knob and considering doing the 100k at Mohican.



Rick said...

Brett....I have yet to do a hard ride so congrats on getting back at it!

I'll be back in town in June and would love for you to check out an Ellsworth on a ride....I'll e-mail info soon to you when I'll be around...maybe robert can come along?
good luck at Moh...

Investment Biker said...

I would love to try out an Ellsworth! Keep me posted as your travel plans firm up.

Later, Brett

Phoenix Specialized Dealer said...

Oh man tough break with the spoke. Been there and done that before.