Monday, June 01, 2009

Vultures Knob – Groovy Series #2

Raced last Saturday (May 23rd) at Groovy Cycleworks race series #2 at Vultures Knob. Thanks to Kevin Daum and the boys for putting on a great show. There were about 10 Vet Open Experts among the 30 or so experts that took the line for the 5pm start. I pre-rode the prologue and decided the stay near the front to avoid any crashes (there were a couple). At the start, Gary Fisher 29er rider Travis Sealer took off never to be seen again. For much of the prologue I was in second place, then GT Ride Kerry Wenger and some others came by just before the end of the prologue. I could not (would not) hold their wheel and they were gone. Midway through the second lap, I saw Wes Jones coming up, so I sped up a little and he was gone (he crashed). later in that lap, he caught back up again and passed me as I was having some mechanical issues. Soon thereafter Lorson came flying by relegating me to 5th place. I was taking it easy trying to nurse my ailing rear derailleur. It felt good to slow down! I finished up a few minutes behind Wes and John in 5th place. Stayed around for the party and had a great time. I like the Knob!



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