Sunday, March 29, 2009

No racing..

....this weekend. Others were at Malabar for road racing on Saturday or OMBC at Mohican Wilderness on Sunday.

Instead, did a long road ride today to finish up my first 10+ hour week of 2009. Fuck, I am lame and it's going to hurt...lots...getting back in shape. For the day, ended up with 3:45 and about 60 miles with a few climbs. For the week about 14 hours and stupid hard back to back days on Tues/Wed. Saturday, wife, kids and dogs did a cool hike through the Doan Brook ravine from Coventry to MLK and back. Trails were buff and views unhindered.

Lots of good family time.



Anonymous said...

That wheres waldo is some funny shit dude,i cant stop laughing. You missed a good time at mohican, are you going to team up with me and cousin mike for the 12 hours of Mohican? 3 man 12hour,3 man 12hour cow-bell party? D

Investment Biker said...

Count me in for 3 man team and 12 hour at Mohican and the 12 hour party. It will be perfect training for cyclocross and Iceman.