Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tour of The South

Rode with Ross, Steve T. and Eric Lesco and Chris Smith from Stark Velo. Started at Steve's house down by Green and ventured into portions of Summit, Stark and Carroll counties. Some very nice roads down there. A beautiful day with clear skies and and temps in the mid 50s. We ended up getting in 106 miles in 6 hours total time. Chris was our tour guide and he did a great job. Seemed like a lot of climbing, we guess about 5k, but who knows.



John P said...

Hey Brett,

Have you ever seen the Lake Erie Wheelers distance rides?

I know you're a fan of the epic, and some of these seem pretty cool.

I think I'm gonna start doing some of them to get my ass into shape for the Mohican 100. We'll see how that goes.

Bill said...

sumbitch your a bike ridin animal!
well done.