Monday, February 23, 2009

Nice day in the Woods

Yesteray was cold and windy so I opted for a long ride in the woods in and around the Bedford Reservation. As luck would have it, many of the participants in the 9am Sunday group ride, opted for mountain bikes and trail riding, so I had some company.

We got off to a VERY bad start with ice patches and head plants. Thom Humphrey went down hard, cracked his helmet and appeared to be concused. Brad and others went back with him. I hope he is all right. Myself and two others forged onward towards Bedford Reservation. After quite a bit of bushwhacking (minus the bush as it is dormant), we did the tinkers creek climb and a big 1 hour plus wooded loop of joy. The woods offered some shelter from the wind and icy conditions. I love riding in the woods. I could stay out there all day. I think I will do it again soon, perhaps at night!? Anyone interested in joining me?

With 3 hours yesterday, I ended up with a whopping 5 hours with 5 rides in 7 days. Does 20 minutes on a trainer actually provide any training benefit?

More so than better weather, I am looking forward to 6-7am daylight, so I can get outside and giv'r.



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