Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Bonk

Had a pretty good week last week. Recovered nicely from Superbowl ride. Did ez spin Monday then some Zone 2 Tuesday and some Tempo Wednesday. Got out Saturday for a ride to the shop for some parts. Did 1 hour solid Zone 3 tempo on the way there, bullshitted with Dan and the boys then headed back for another hour of Tempo.

Saturday night, my business partner, had a surprise party for his wife's 40th birthday. Quite a party...there at 5:30pm....left at 1:00am...you do the math. Up Sunday and out the door by 8:15 to hit the 9am group ride at Rockside and Canal in the valley. Group rolled out at 9:10 for a fairly flat ride down into the valley (except for fucking Oak Hill).

At around 10am I started to feel a bonk coming on so I ate a couple granola bars and felt a little better. Rode hard for a while with a smaller group and we seemingly raced back to the parking lot and were there by 11:35. So I am just over 3 hours in with another hour to go with a couple climbs along Rockside. No food, no money, no problem. I bummed some water and rolled out. After the first climb I was in some difficulty. After the second climb up to Turney by Garfield Mall, I was in full fledged bonk mode.

Heart rate under 100, getting cold, blurry vision, loss of balance, very hungry. Pulled the plug at Rockside and Broadway by the Bedford Auto Mile and had to call my wife..."Sweetie, you need to pick me up." She replied, "sorry honey, I am in the middle of something." To which I said, "NO, YOU HAVE TO COME GET ME, I CAN NOT RIDE ANYMORE AND AM GOING TO GET RUN OVER BY A CAR." To which she replied, "I'll be right there." I love that woman!

While waiting for her I managed to eat a hostess fruit pie (remember those?), nutter butter, bag of fritos, 2 cups of coffee, 1 coke, and 1 large beef stick with the promise of payment once my wife picked me up.

Just when you think you have endurance cycling figured out, Mr. bonky bonk comes over to smack you!



Tony said...

hahahah nice man! What was your wife doing that was so important?! Nice to hear that you are getting in some good riding. You should hook up with Shawn on Saturday. There is a group ride from the top of the Brecksville Reservation.

Ray Huang said...

I hate mr. Bonky Bonk!! Ouch.

Call me when you can ride. I keep wussing out and hopping on the trainer (usually before 6;15am) to make sure I ride.

ds said...

Had I ridden to the ride on Sunday as well, I would have been right there with you on the bonk front.


Tony said...

Could you please shoot me an e-mail??