Wednesday, April 16, 2008

As the Weather Turns

I did a kickass mountain bike ride last Thursday before the crappy weather came. Did 4 laps at Vultures Knob. The upper loop is about 6 miles and thanks to Kevin Daum and the crew it is in great shape. Lap times were about 41, 39, 38 and 45 minutes. Then rode down the fireroad to towards Killbuck and rode up the long fireroad climb. Got in just under 3.5 hours.

Then on Friday and over the weekend, the crappy weather came back, so I took both Friday and Saturday off. Sunday I did 2 hours on the trainer along with another 2 hours on the trainer Monday. Yesterday I did 7 x 2 min max climbing efforts (you guessed it, on the trainer). Going to Indians game tonight so no bike practice for me.

Hope to maybe make it out to RATL on Saturday for an hour of suffering while chasing the Cat 1s around.

I am selling some stuff. Baby backback carrier, double jogging stroller, vintage Burton Snowboard, Ritchy Breakaway with hard case, etc. I am also thinking of selling or parting out the SWorks Epic. Leave a comment if you are interested.




Projetor said...

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JC Sell said...

Hi, Could you send me a pic of the double jogger? We might need it next year:)-


Investment Biker said...

Email me at bdavis at and I will send you more pics. You can always come over and look at it too.

Rick said...

anna/gary are interested in the ritchey....