Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Westlake Training Series

Yesterday was the first Westlake Training Series of the year. The A group had about 35 or so racers and we did 14 laps. As usual, it was fast (around 26 mph average) although it was not steady as there were plenty of surges followed by recovery periods. I got into a 4 man break which I stayed with for a lap. I was redlined and decided to drop out of the break. In hindsight, I should have stayed in he break longer as it would have been a good experience and because we had the right teams represented (Spin, RGF, and Lake Effect). Next time.

Anyway, I rejoined the field and we caught the 3 remaining riders within a lap. Later in the race, I contested a prime, but was swarmed just inside 200m by Jeremy Grimm, Paul Martin and others. At the end, nothing stayed away and it came down to a bunch sprint. I worked my way towards the front on the last lap. I got up to around 35-36 mph on the sprint but was out in the wind with no wheels to follow. You need to hit closer to 38-4o mph to be within the top 5 at Westlake. Gotta figure that out...maybe a motor would help?

Here is a nice picture of Chagrin River in Gates Mills at the bridge at bottom of Old Mill Road. If you clicky clicky you can see the trout fisherman in the background along with the falls.



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