Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Training Officially Starts

Monday 3/3 my training for 2008 commenced in earnest. Heretofore, I've been riding, including some longer rides and some structured workouts, however my overall frequency has been sporadic.

The next 30 days are important for overall fitness (i.e. weight) and finishing off my base and starting the build. Have been doing Yoga once a week and that seems to do the trick for core strength and overall flexibility. OMBC #1 is first targeted race on March 30 with Mohican 100 a longer term A priority race on May 31. Considering my current weight (190+) I feel pretty good on the climbs. Once I get to race weight of 175-180 I am hoping to flatten (not fatten) some climbs and hang with the big boys at the hundies.

Monday I got outside for a road ride on the mountain bike in the Rocky River Reservation and did 2.5 hours with some hard efforts on the climbs and a 20 minute Zone 4 (high) interval to finish the ride. Rest day Tuesday and then did an hour on the trainer this morning. Did 20 min warm up, then 2 x 10 min Zone 4 (low) Leg Tension with 5 min rest, then 10 min cooldown.


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