Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lots of Snow

We are getting bombed by snow here in the greater Cleveland area. Probably 12-18 inches since 10am this morning plus a lot of drifting due to the 25-30 mph winds. Winds are supposed to die down tomorrow so I hope to get outside for a few hours.

Yesterday did 45 minutes on trainer with 1o min warm up then 18 x 1 min Zone 4 intervals with 30 second rest followed by 10 min cooldown.

Today did 1:10 on trainer with 20 min Zone 2 warm up, then 40 min of Zone 3 Tempo followed by 10 min cooldown.

If it EVER stops snowing I am going to do 4 hours outside tommorrow. That would get me to 10 for the week. If it does not stop, looks like I'll be down in the basement doing some trainer rides.

Also, I just ordered one of these, so I can start doing some power based training.



Ray Huang said...

Two things, with a basement like that-whens the party??? And second-that power reading device looks awesome for $50.00 I can stop cursing my Powertap when it has 100 dropouts on the trainer!! I dont know why it does that, but it really sucks when it does. not to mention wearing out expensive tires on the trainer because its whats on my Zipp/Powertap wheel.

Oh three things-did you ride Sunday?

Rick said...

OK, get a trainer that doesn't wear on your tire looks like everyone is on the "power race" this year.
Brett.....with your legs, you'll just blow up that whimpy thing!
Here's to gett'n some during lunch today! (miles in, silly!)

Investment Biker said...

It a party every day in my life!!

The power thing only works on the trainer and you can not capture nor download any of the data. That's what you get for $50.