Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday is Bike Fun Day

Ended up meeting Ross and Bob at 8:30 We rolled out at 8:45 and I immediaetly put the gas pedal down. Ross rode 90 minutes to meeting place and Bob about yeah, I am a dick, whatever.

I ended up with 3 hours with some hard efforts and lots of Zone 3/4 riding.

Route was as follows:

From Hike N Bike took Alexander to Dunham to Egbert. Up Egbert climb to Parkway. Rode Parkway rollers back to Egbert. Right on Egbert back to Dunham. Dunham south to Walton Road into Valley. Riverview south past SR 82. Chippewa creek climb to SR 21. South on SR 21 to Snowville back down into valley. Up westbound on Snowville/Hines Hill to Old 8. Turn around back down Hines Hill to Riverview. Riverview north to Pleasant Valley to Canal north to Rockside. Rockside to Turney to Dunham to Alexander.

Egbert Road
Bedford Metropark Rollers
Chippewa Climb to SR 21
Snowville/Hines Hill to Old 8.
Riverview climbs northbound
Rockside climb east of Canal
Rockside climb to Turney
Dunham climb towards Alexander


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