Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sven Nys' Chick is Hot, No?

My wife (also hot) and I met some friends for dinner last night so I had to eat (that sounds wierd/sick, doesn't it?). Got up at 5am this morning and weighed in at 187 and was on the bike by 5:40 for a 2 hour joyous trainer ride. Did 10 min warm up, 10 min zone 2, then 5 x 7 minute Zone 3 fast pedal (112-120 rpm) with 3 min rest, then 2 x 15 Zone 4 with 10 min rest. The 2 x 15 felt REALLY GOOD. HR was 158-165 but perceived exertion was very low and legs felt pretty good considerig the gear I was pushing. Maybe 42x15 fixed gear riding, very little training and no food is the way to go!!

It is supposed to be cold tomorrow (under 10 F), but I am going to take the mountain bike out for as long as I can stand it (hopefully 4 hours).




Bill said...

That's Mrs. Nys

Junior Bike Racer said...

Why do you think I want to be a pro "crosser!!!!!