Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rubber City Madness

Akron is known as the Rubber City due to its concentration of polymer technology and industry. Cleveland is located on the Northcoast along the shores of Lake Erie. These two "rust belt" cities are seperated by a "mere" 40 miles and are connected by I-77 and for us cyclists, the very scenic (and flat) Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail.

I needed to get a long ride in and already did 2 hours on the trainer yesterday, so it was time to get outside despite temperatures around 5 F and 15-20 mph winds. So I rolled out the door at 6:45am expecting the worse, and for the most part, I got it. I met Bob Rodgers in Bedford at "around" 8am (Rick, for the record, I was not late). Bob and I had decided the night before that it would be a good idea to ride to Akron and back on the Towpath. So we did. Near blizzards, chilly winds, sun, 80-90 miles and nearly 7 hours later I arrived home. We have the pictures to prove it.



Ray Huang said...

You and Bob are studs. I was at Chapin outside for 2.5 hours and thought-man, no way I'd ride in this weather!!

Gary said...

That's pretty sweet. Sadie and I rode for 26 miles & about 2 hours Saturday on the towpath. (Ray, we missed you out there...)

It was pretty cold, but it was 10* warmer than today. I had forgot my shoe covers, but other than having cold feet for the last 1/2 hour or so there were no problems staying warm.

Investment Biker said...

It was COLD. Bob was a little underdressed, but I got it just right. I'll post later exactly what I had was a lot. BRD

Rick said...

dude, you are hard core! And on time!
Congrats on the fasting and riding. The only riding I've been getting is on planes for the last three days for work. I did walk in -3'F weather in Kiel, WI to watch the "pack" play on tv at some dive bar.
Think I'll try that early as $hit trainer riding you do.