Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ergon USA

Yours truly made the review page on Ergon USA's web site. My product review is about 14th one down after other locals John Davis and Ernie M. Check it out here.

These grips are a little heavier than others, but the comfort factor is off the charts. I have them on my hardtail and full suspension bikes.



John Davis said...

Nice work on Ergon Brett. I found your blog courtesy of your comment on mine. Are you planning on doing any of the shorter events this year?


Investment Biker said...


I ran across your blog from Ray Huang, a fellow east sider. I think he bought your Epic?

I may do some of the local XC races this year 3/30 OMBC race at Mohican SP, WestBranch, Big Valley and possibly a few others. I prefer the longer events, particularly if I have to travel more than an hour or two.

See you on the trail.