Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dressing for the Weather

Some people have asked what I wore on Sunday. So here it is:

2 balaclavas (sp)

Hammer Nutrition cycling cap

Craft thermal sleeveless base layer

Patagonia long sleeve base layer

Arm warmers

2 cycling jerseys

Wind vest


Goggles with felt for nose

Tifosi sunglasses with felt

Wool cycling socks

Knee high wool socks (pulled up high like your father used to wear)

Bib shorts

2 pairs of knee warmers


Shoes with shoe covers

Work gloves from Walmart with fleece gloves over top

XC Ski Gators fashioned into extra hand protection.

Below is a picture of the weapon of choice.



Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

I like that cover idea. It's very smart. do they work well?

Investment Biker said...

Yes, they worked great. First time out was Sunday. They are 20 year old North Face gators. Hands stayed toasty warm and protected from wet and wind. A little hard to get in and out of, but bearable. -BRD

Ray Huang said...

I am so getting some!! Too bad they wont work on the roadie or fixie. Thanks for the pics and good luck training. You have got the mojo right now thats for damn sure!!

Investment Biker said...


Would it be too early for a 2 man TT to Akron and back on the Towpath. I think you and I could do it in sub 5 hours.


Jason said...

I've been wanting some of those bar mittens too. Look like they would rock.

Jason said...

One more thing- is that a freaking Beer Meister in the background?? :)

Investment Biker said...

Yes, that is a Kegolater or Beer Meister. It is a family heirloom (sp) and secret training device. That is what I was talking about when I said "weapon of choice." BRD

Jason said...

Kegolater, Beer Meister. Call it what you want. I call it gold! :)