Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two Posts in One Day, Oh My!

Added some links the other night.

Check them out:

My wife's new business venture, It is going to be big time...sweet, I'll be able to ride more with her making all the dough.

Keller Williams Realty - my mom Sue Davis is a Realtor and supports cycling in a big ($$) way. She and her company has sponsored my former team, Snakebite Racing and my current team Solon Bicycle Race Team. If you are buying or selling real estate, you''ll love her, after all, I do!

Pisgah Works - my buddy Bruce Steinfurth lives in Asheville, NC and has a touring and apparel company...check it ou. Bruce is a cool dude in a loose mood!

Also, added a few new blog links and updated my 2008 race schedule. Check out this guys blog....he is taking weekend warior to all new level. Think of this guy, but with attention to detail!! Amatuer never seemed so pro!



Gary said...

Wow - it looks like Ray's certainly got some competition! Thanks for sharing the blog link.

Ray Huang said...

Shes in the paper today-Sun press-way to go!!