Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Day for a ride

By the numbers:

4 - riders that started
1 - rider that puked in first 15 minutes because of negative reaction to antibiotics
70 - miles
4.5 - hours of riding
1 - crash with resulting road rash by yours truly
1 - bike change needed due to broken spokes from crash above.
4000+ - feet of climbing.
45 - high temperature

Good times. Later, BRD


Rick said...

so where was this at; the death ride? You called in "sick" to work, didn't you, you dog.

Investment Biker said...

I had an out of office appointment with the death ride. Did 13 of the 14 hills, on mtb bikes with knobbies. Ouch!

Rick said...

on MTB bikes with knobbies....you are sick.