Thursday, April 12, 2007

Preliminary Results Are In

Current standings after rounds 1 & 2 (held on same weekend, wtf??) for USA Cycling MTB National Ultra Endurance Series are posted at this link.

#1 - 15-17/Feb Mas O Menos 100k; Terlingua, TX; 100k
#2 - 17-Feb 12-Hours of Razorback; Reddick, FL; 12-Hour
#3 - 5-6/ May Payson Stampede; Payson, AZ; 24-Hour
#4 - 28-Apr Dirt, Sweat and Gears; Fayettevile, TN; 12-hour
#5 - 23-Jun Cowbel Challenge; Charlotte, NC; 12-hour
#6 - 28-Jul Galena Grinder; Ketchum, ID; marathon

Yours truly is in 8th place in the series and will hopefully move up with a good showing at Dirt, Sweat & Hears 12 Hour. Of the top 15, I believe Nat Ross, Ernie will be there. Plus Tinker will be racing and Sloan Anderson, among others.



Joe Partridge said...

Nice work!

The schedule for that series sucks! More than one race on a weekend; races two weekends in a row. It just doesn't make sense!



Rick said...

hey, Brett, it sounds pretty good...I'll let you know if I can join you for the trip down within a couple of days.

Rick said...

hey Brett, good luck! I wish I could have been there.