Monday, November 27, 2006

What A Week

Happy to have Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror. Too much food, alchohol, etc. Had a good week though. Did some good training on Tuesday and Wednesday aand then got out for a nearly 4 hour ride on the mountain bike on Thanksgiving morning, sweet! Took Friday and Saturday off and then did round #6 of the Bike Authority Series.

Weather has been dry and the course conditions were perfect. The A field was stacked with 14 entrants and the Masters field had 6 racers toe the line. I again got the holeshot off the start. I held it until a freight train of riders came by....really fast. I could not even grab the wheel. I settled into the top 8 or 10 and then on the backside of the course, I rolled by Tufo tire off the rim. I was able to get the tire back on the rim, but not before I lost 30 seconds. I rode easy around the course back to the wheel pit where I swapped out the rear wheel. By this time the Masters had passed me along with all of the A field, ohh shit, DFL! So I rode as hard as a could and started reeling people in. First I caught Bob Rodgers, then Jeff Craft, then Rudy, then Jeff Cartledge, then Jeremy Grimm, then with 2 laps to go I caught Brent Evans. At this point I was in 11th place about 60 second or so behind a group of 3 that included Ross Clark, Zak and Matt Weeks. I held the gap steady on them the last 5 laps or so, so that was good.

In the end I finished in 11th place about 7 minutes down on Paul Martin and 4 minutes down on 5th place. Next week, I am thinking of racing the fixie in the B race just for fun.


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