Monday, November 20, 2006

More Cross Fun

Yesterday was another installment of weekly suffering in the form of Round #5 of the Bike Authority Cyclocross Series ( The conditions were wet, muddy and temps were in the mid 30s. It rained pretty much all day and just when I was getting tired of the rain, it turned to snow, oh joy! The course featured 2 significant run ups, plenty of wet, soft grass sections and some pavement to mix things up. Lap times were in the 8+ minute range for the A field.

A large group of about 40 B riders duked it out over 6 laps. By the time of I did a prelap, the course was pretty soft and torn up. A small filed of 10 riders took the line at around 1:30pm, followed by 6 racers in the Masters (over 40) about 30 seconds later. I got a good start but quickly settled into the top 5. The course was slow and I was trying to find the fastest (least soft) lines. I kept the leaders in sight for a while, but within a lap or two they were gone. I worked hard to stay ahead of the Masters, which I did until their last lap when Rudy Sroka passed me just before his finish. I still had two more laps, so I forged on and ended up in 7th place out of 10.

Two more rounds remain both at Boughton Farm in Copley, Ohio. I may break out the fixie next week and do the B race on the fixie and the A race on my cross bike. Might be fun!! After all, anything worth doing, is worth over doing.


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