Monday, November 06, 2006

Orrville Cross #2

I did not do the first round of this series, but was able to make it to Round #2 held yesterday in lovely Orrville, Ohio. Conditions were great with dry ground and clear skies. The course suited me as it was fast with some single track sections.

I started fast and was in the top 3 headed into the first run up. Was on Paul Martin's wheel after the second barrier and I passed him after he almost crashed on the side walk section. So after the first lap I was in second place. On the second lap, just before the run up, I lost time in a muddy section and Paul, Jeremy Grimm and Shaun Adams passed me. I caught up to them in the single track and stayed with them for as long as a could, but Paul and Shawn steadily pulled away. I kept Jeremy in my sights and then Matt Weeks came by. I should have jumped on Matt's wheel, but I was hurting pretty good. I held the gap steady with Brent who was behind me for a lap or two, but then he passed me too.

After Brent passed me, I dropped my chain and later crashed on an off camber section. That allowed Jeff Braumberger to catch up to me. I held him off for a lap or two, then he passed me. I stayed on his wheel for a while, then faded. Then to add insult to injury Steve Twining passed me after missing the start and making up 4 minutes.

Despite moving backward the entire race, it was a great workout and I am happy with the effort. Did not get lapped, despite lap times of around 6 minutes or so. I am hoping the 1 hour long A races will prepare me for shorter races at Nationals which are 45 minutes +-.


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