Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Week So Far

Weather has been good this week, so I have been able to get outside for some riding. Pretty good training so far:

Mon - Rode outside on cross bike. Did 1:15 mostly Zone 1 and 2 with some Zone 3 after I warmed up.

Tues - Did 20 min easy spinning on rollers in the morning. In the evening did 1:10 on rollers. 25 min Zone 1/2 warm up, then 5 min Leg Tension, then 15 min Tempo, then 5 min Zone 1, then 15 min Tempo then 10 min cooldown.

Wed - Rode for 20 mins easy on rollers in the morning. Then in the evening rode for 50 mins on cross bike outside. Did 25 min warm up, then 7 x 1 Drag Racer Max Outs. 5-10 min cooldown.

Tonight - Meeting up with Brent for some motorpacing on his Vespa scooter. Should be fun!

Hope to be feeling good for Saturday which is Round #4 of the Bike Authority cross series. Race in in Bay Village and it should be a good turn out. I am hoping for a dry, fast, technical course.


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