Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Update

Did not do round #3 of BA Cross Series and am not doing Orville Cross Race #1 due to family stuff. Hope to hit Orville #2 next week. Trying to sharpen the fitness this week and next so I can hit Nov. 11 BA race with a vengence. Also spending time figuring out goals and training plan for 2007. First need to come up with some goals and then figure out the plan. Here are som goals I am kicking around:

Bike Authority Series
1. Stay on lead lap in A Group; don’t get passed by Masters

2. Get a top 5 finish in A Group;

3. Stay with leaders for as long as possible;

Cross Nationals
1. Top 20 in Masters 35-39. Guys I know got in the top 25 last year and they ain’t so tuff. Lots of west coast, eastern and NW dudes, many of which race elite race on day #2.

2. Top 10 in B 35+. Rudy finished 22 place last year, 4:04 down on leader and 1:30 down on 10th.

These are stretch goals. In order to get even close to these goals, need to train hard, smart and consistently. Also need to get weight down to 175 or less, about 10 lbs.

Other 2007 Goals
1. Race aggressively at Westlake in April/May, be a factor.
2. Race aggressively at the front of Cat 3 road races and still finish in the money.
3. Top 15 finishes and sub 8:45 times in Shen. 100, Wilderness 101 and Leadville 100.
4. Top 3 placing in a TBD 24 Hour Solo Race.

Now I need to finalize the plan!!


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