Monday, October 23, 2006

Wow, what a weekend....

is all I can say. Took a half day off work Friday to get ready for Saturday's 2nd Annual Chagrin River Cyclocross Challenge held at my parents place near Chagrin Falls. Let's see, take bikes, wheels, tent, tools, etc to veneue, then pick up sponsor banners, of course the keg of Stella Artois, 5 gallons of chili, hay bales, et al. Thanks to Gary for helping me mark the course Friday and make sure the keg was working Friday night.

Saturday up at 7am to beatiful blue skies. No riding on Friday and the legs felt bad. Running around doing last minute things. People start showing up at 10am for 11am registration. Ended up with 71 racers. Seems like everyone had a good time.

Thanks to Linda Miranda, Gary Burkholder, John Erhlinger, Tom Keller, Sue and Russ Davis (my parents) for letting us use their place. Also thanks to my sister, Emily Doyle and her husband Dan for help with registration and to Lynne Marut for help with scoring. Could not have done it without all of you!!

My personal race was not so good. With not much sleep and only one lap warm up (as I did B/C group awards) I was not expecting much. I started fast with the holeshot, but on the first lap got passed by Ernie, Paul and Nate. Later got passed by Twining, Weeks, Rodgers, Hines et al. I finally started to feel a little better and was re-gaining ground, then I flatted. Made it to wheel pit, did a SLOW change and continued on. Ended up with time of 1:15, wow a long race!! It hurt, a lot, but the beer tasted good, the sun was shining, life is good.

Thanks to all who came out and bring a friend (or two) next year.

Did not race on Sunday as we took the kids to the circus. Once again, gave myself a belly ache eating popcorn, hotdogs, etc. If banking, family life and bike riding don't work out, perhaps I can join the circus!!


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