Monday, May 08, 2006

Upgrade to Cat 3, RATL #3 and Other

The pictures are from last week's RATL race. The first one is on the last turn when I won the Prime and the second picture was taken as we were rolling neutral due to an injured rider. These pictures were as a Cat 4, NOW I am a Cat 3!!

Well I upgraded to Cat 3. I did not have enough points, or top 10 finishes but had enough starts. Why upgrade, why not is my answer. If you want to get faster, need to race with the fast guys. Besides, there are not many Cat 3 ONLY races around here anyway. They are usually Cat 3/4. Plus being over 35 I can always do masters races.

My first race as a Cat 3 went well. There was good news and bad news. Good news was I got in the winning break of six riders. The bad news was due to poor tactics I ended up 6th. After that for some more miles, I did the Cat 1/2/3 race. Got dropped a few times but jumped back on. Ended up with 2:10 and just over 50 miles for the day.

On Sunday, I did 3 hours on mtb on road. Lots of Zone 2. Did 2 x 5 min fast pedal and 2 x 5 Leg Tension. Also did a couple climbs. Ended up with just under 50 miles.

For the week ended up with just under 11 hours. This week should be 13-15 hours with a couple long rides.

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