Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Decision, Decisions

Try to decide what races to do for the rest of the season. I am signed up and fully paid for solo category at 24 Hours of Big Bear (WV) which is set for June 10/11. I registered early and then just last month, they come out with Ultra MTB series.

The first one is Mohican 100 on June 3 and the second round is Lumberjack 100 on June 17th. I would have loved to do one or both of these by with 24 Hrs of Big Bear, probably won't be able to because of time away from family, as well as, peaking/tapering (for Mohican) and recovery (for Lumberjack).

I am planning to do Wilderness 101 in State College, PA the last weekend of July. I did this race last year and am hoping for a top 20 finish after finshing 49th place out of over 200+ entries.

This weekend is RATL #3. I just got my Cat 3 upgrade, so I am going to do the Cat 3 race AND the Cat 1/2/3 race that follows. Should be some good fast racing and about 50 miles or so. Sunday, I am hoping to get a longer (4-6 hour) ride in, other obligations permitting of course.


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