Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good Week So Far

Took Monday of training. Then hit it hard Tuesday with 2 workouts. Did 1:15 with JE in the morning. Did 15 min warm up, then 3 x 5 Zone 2/Zone 3 fast pedal, then we climbed out of valley on Shaker. I stayed on JE's wheel, until about 75M from the top, when I accelerated to 15 mph and held it over the top, yeahh baby. Rode Zone 2 and Zone 3 the rest of the way with 5-10 min cooldown.

Then later in the day, I met Tom at 4:30pm and did Chippewa course 9 times. Rest of team showed up at 6:00. Worked on riding first part of hill at 85% and attacking on steep part. Hammered false flat a couple times too. Rode rollers agressivley. Felt great on the climb.

On Wednesday I mixed it up a little bit and rode the single speed mtb around Shaker Lakes trails for 1:15. Mostly Zone 1 and 2. Some hard efforts on the technical climbs.

Then I Thursday, I met my coach and rode about 2 hours. Did about 25-30 min warm up, then did 3 hill repeats on Berkshire, whcih is a 1.75 mile climb. First one at 85%-90%, second one in same gear the whole way, and third one with 2 attacks. Good workout. Finished with some Zone 2 and then a 10 min cooldown.

Supposed to do some extended tempo Friday and some long rides (around m-day fesitivities of course) over the weekend. It is amazing how you go from having one mother to three once you get marrried and have kids.

Also, have been working on the nutrition plan AND lighting plan for solo 24 Hour of Big Bear.


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