Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some Time Off

I had a good week of training until Friday and the weekend came. Friday night I worked late and then at around 7pm went to a party hosted by an investment club I am in. It was 10 year anniversary of the club and we cooked some GIANT beef tenderloins, drank mass quantities of adult beverage and played poker until the wee hours. Saturday morning I was feeling funky fresh...not. I had time to get a ride in on Sat when the kids were napping but I could not get my ass off the couch.

So no ride Friday, Saturday, Sunday (because of mothers day) and I took Monday off. So, today I am considering riding to Westlake, doing the race and then riding home. It looks liek it stopped raining, so we'll see. Sunday is Chippewa, trying to decide to do Masters race or Cat 1/2/3.

Just ordered some new lights for Big Bear, some new Diadora shoes and got some Kenda Klimax 1.95 UST tires. I am in pretty good shape equiopment and fitness wise. My cousin will pit for me and a buddy of mine, Jason, who is a real good wrench will be there too.

Just need to stay consistent with the training, loose a few pounds and get a few long rides in to dial in the nutrition program with the Hammer products.



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