Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Westlake Training Series

The picture above is a team shot from the third day of our training camp last Sunday.

Speaking of the team, we had a strong showing at Westlake Training Race last night. There were 10 of us in the A group and Linda raced with the B's. We started the race leading the pack and did a double paceline for a lap or two and then Todd and Mike attacked a tried for a prime but were beat to the line by Jeremy Grimm (A&F/Inferno). Several breaks got as much as 15 seconds, but Snakebite did a lot of work to bring those back. We missed the breaks, but it is something to work on. With as many people as we had today, the breaks are going to have to have one or more Snakebite riders in them to be successful.

In the end nothing stayed away and I had enough in the legs for 7th in the field sprint. Good day of training. I rode to the race (25 miles) then race was 15 laps (30 miles) and then rode home for a total of 90 miles and 4:40 ride time. Yeehah!!



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