Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The above picture is from last years TransIowa race. The picture is as I left Algona, IA, which was at about 127 miles into the 310 mile race. I was one of 9 finishers of the 50 starters. I am the last of the three riders in the yellow vest. The others in the picutre are Mike Curiak and Brian Hannon. It was a fun race is a sick, demented kind of way. I signed up for TransIowa this year but am not able to race due to family commitments, etc. Enough said.

Last weekend was my team's, Snakebite Racing, annual Team Training Camp. I attended all 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and got in about 8.5 hours over the 3 days. We got rained out on Friday and only got an hour in. Saturday we did about 3 hours and 50 miles. Sunday, I went deep and rode 40 miles to the start point and then did another 40 miles with the team. For the week, I ended up with just under 12 hours.

This week is scheduled for 13 hours and I will be doing the Westlake training crit tonight. What could be better than 1.5 hours of lung busting intervals, chasing Cat 1s, former pros and another assorted fast people around a 2 mile pancake flat course through an industrial park. These races are FAST with average speeds around 28 mph and top speeds of arounf 35-38. These miles are a HUGE help in training for the 100 mile off road races. Pulling 20 mph on those fireroads is easier after suffering at Westlake.


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