Monday, April 17, 2006

Building & Trimming

That about sums it up as far as training goes. Building fitness and trying to trim some weight.

I hope to be at 180 (+-) for the Wilkesville to Wilkesville race on 4/30. That's about 8-10 lbs. Have to be smart about it though. Wilkesville is supposed to be very hard road race with lots of climbing and lots of wind. Cat 3/4 race is 70 miles and Cat 4/5 race is 50 miles. I think I might go with the 50 mile race.

I followed up an 11 hour week the week of 4/3 with a 13 hour week last week. On tap for this week is 15 hours.

RATL races start this Saturday and continue for the next 4 successive Saturdays. Also round #1 of OMBC starts this sunday at Vultures Knob and round #2 is May 7th at Mohican Wilderness.



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