Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Bike on the Way

Great news!! Just heard from Dan at and my new bike is being shipped from CA. I am soon to be the owner of a 2006 Specialized Epic S-Works. It should arrive next week. I will need to decide if I should race it at 12 Hours of Razorback which is February 18th. Ideally I would have some miles on the bike before I do a 12 hour race, but I should be able to get position dialed in pretty quick since my old bike was a 2003 Epic.

Above is a picture of the bike. I decided to go with the rim brake version. This is lighter than disc brake version and I like V-brakes for their reliability...I have never had v-brakes fail in a race. I know I might regret not getting disc brakes (particularly on the downhills at Wildnerness 101 , but I can always upgrade later.

Also a picture of the great Ned Overend riding the pre-production bike at Mammouth Mtn Nationals. At age 50 he smoked the young guys in THE PRO CLASS and got 5th overall. The only difference is his bike has unidentified wheelset and disc brakes. He claimed the bike was weighed 22.6 lbs. WOW!

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