Monday, January 30, 2006

Training Update

Here are some pictures from 12 Hours of Razorback last year.

Got some good quality time in on the bike over the weekend. Right now my legs are really sore.

On Friday morning, I rode solo on spinner bike at the gym. Got in 2 hours. Started with 20 min warm up, then 4 x 4 min max effort intervals. Position on spinner bike was a little off, so was only able to get HR up to 165-168 on intervals. 6 min rest between. After an hour, I switched bikes and did 35 min solid Zone 2, followed by 20 min Tempo Zone 3, then 5 min cooldown. Did some stretching afterwards. Drank a ton of water.

Saturday was gorgeous weather. I rode in the afternoon and temps were close to 50 and skies were blue. Saw a bunch of cyclists on the road and rode with some people for a while. Did 2:55 and just over 50 miles on road bike. Got in some good climbing. First climb I took it easy, but on the next 2 climbs I did Leg Tension with low cadence (55-60 rpm). Did 2 x 10 min of this. When I was on the flats I kept it in high Zone 2 and low Zone 3.

Sunday was warm, well 40 degrees anyway, but it was raining. I rolled out at 8:20am and rode mostly Zone 2 for 1:35. Threw in a few fast pedals in Zone 3. Nice tailwind on the way back made up for headwind that I started with. Then in the afternoon, I did another 1:35 inside on the rollers. Did a 10 min warm up, then did a solid 30 minutes on Tempo (Zone 3 and 72-76 rpm). Rode 20 min recovery then did another 20 min of Tempo.

So I ended up with just over 11 hours last week which is less than I hoped for, but still ok.

This morning went to the gym for a 1:15 recovery ride on the spinner bike. Saw Suzie and Jim. Should have a big week this week with the Emerald Necklace century on Sunday. Pat and John are in thus far, so there will be at least three of us.

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