Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday On My Mind

Just on my way out the door for a lunch appointment, thought I would do a quick update.

Pretty good week of training so far.
Monday - Did 1:15 recovery ride on spinner bike during spinning class.
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - 3:20 at JCC on spinner bike. Got on bike at 5:45, then did 6am spin class. Did some 3-4 min fast pedals and 35 min Tempo. After class, rode steady tempo and Zone 2 until 8:15. Then did 8:15 class, which included some tempo, fast pedals, and a 6 minute Zone 4/Zone 5 climb.
Thursday - Off
Friday - Spinning class. 20 min warm up, then 15 min Zone 2, then 25 min Tempo (various cadences), then 5 x 4 min max intervals with 6 min rest in between. Those intervals are really hard. Then 15 minute cooldown, follwed by some stretching.
Saturday - Is 1.5 hours, probably on trainer.
Sunday - 6 hour 100+ mile slog in what looks to be Epic weather conditions...snow, 28-32 degrees..should be fun. Frakenberry is out, he has not recovered from an 85 mile ride last weekend. So the roster is as follows Todd, Mike, Pat, John, Me, Bob Rodgers. The weather forecast looks to put the "Epic" factor into this ride! I can't wait.

Then next week I get my new bike...yeah!!

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