Thursday, January 26, 2006

Training Update

Training has been ok this week so far. Took Monday off to recover from 5 hour ride single speed ride on Sunday. Tuesday did an hour on trainer in Zone1/Zone2. Wednesday a little over an hour consisting of 20 min warm up, then 20 min Zone 2, then 15 min Tempo (Zone 3), then 5 min cooldown. This morning I ended up with 1:15 consisting of 25 min Zone 1, 25 min Zone 2 (92-100 rpm), then 20 min Tempo (Zone 3, 72-80 rpm), then 5 min cooldown.

Tomorrow morning I am doing a 1 hour Spinning Class. I get there at 5:30am to get some time in before they start and then stay late so I can get in 2:00 hours of bike time. Friday’s workout includes 4 x 4 minute VO2 max intervals.....ouch.

Saturday is a 3 hour ride outside on the single speed and Sunday I am planning a 6 hour outdoor ride on either the single speed or the cross bike. Tough part about the weekend rides is they start at 4 or 5 am so I can get done in time to do the family thing. Should end up with about 14 hours for the week.

In the 32 days (4.5 weeks) since Christmas, I have only taken 3 days off the bike and have ridden 45 hours which is average 1.4 hours/day or 10.0 hours/week. For me this is GREAT frequency. Volume is also pretty good given that in 2005 I ended up with 380 hours or average of 7.3 hours/week. Most I had before that in a year was 250 (+-). Above is a random picutre from a local road race. Later, BRD

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