Monday, January 23, 2006

2006 Emerald Necklace Epic

Pat Miranda and I did the majority of the route last year and had about 90+ miles. This year I plan to do the entire route, no excuses. Last year Jeff Comer got a ride to the start and rode home to Strongsville and John Ehrlinger rode with us for a while as well. Several others considered joining us but "no-showed." Feel free to join us for the whole ride or portions as your schedule permits. Call my cell (216-256-4285) on day of ride to meet up with the group along the way.

See attached for details and route. We will not deviate from the attached route except for road closures, locust, etc.

When: Sunday February 5th, ride starts promptly at 7:30am. Feel free to ride the entire route or join us for a portion of the ride. Call my cell (216-256-4285) on day of ride to meet up with the group along the way.

Start Place: Ride will start promptly at 7:30 am in Brecksville at Station Street Parking Lot located off Riverview just south of SR 82. We will be traveling the route counter clockwise.

Distance: 98 miles (+-)

Route: We will be traveling the route counter clockwise. The fourteen reservations of Cleveland Metroparks consist of over 20,000 acres of various landscapes and attractions for visitors to enjoy. The Park District is commonly referred to as the "Emerald Necklace" because the reservations encircle the city of Cleveland. (See attached map).

What to Bring:
1. A bicycle (road bike, mtb, cyclocross, unicycle, your choice).
2. Spare tube and tools to fix any mechanicals.
3. A cell phone so someone can pick you up if you have a mechanical or if you bonk.
4. Money for food and water.

Support: None. This is an UN-SUPPORTED ride. There are no organized food stops and no sag wagon. Your only source for food and water is what you bring and what you can buy from gas stations, convenient stores, etc. You should plan to carry ALL necessary equipment/tools for bike mechanicials that may arise

Special Notes: This event will take place no matter the weather conditions, unless there is lightening. The pace will be brisk because we can’t take all day. If the weather is really bad and the pace is slow, you can always reroute or call your mama for a pick up.

Top 10 Excuses for Not Doing the Superbowl Sunday Emerald Necklace Epic
1. Its too eeaarrly in the year to do a century (typically said in a whiny voice)
2. I want to ride my mtb/cross/road bike and you are riding something different (also typically said in a whiny voice)
3. The farmers almanac said there is a 15% chance of precipitation that day.
4. I am in "base" phase of training and don't want to go tooo hard.
5. I am peaking for a race in the summer and these miles won't help me.
6. It is going to be too cold and I might get a chill.
7. That day is the bake sale at church and my wife/husband/girlfriend won't let me go.
8. I'm scheduled to be doing intervals that day and a long ride won't help me.
9. My bike is permanently fused to the trainer and I have not ridden outside since November.
10. I would much prefer a three hour ride on the trainer than to ride through the beautiful Cleveland Metroparks with good friends.

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