Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just Finished My RIde

Just finished up my roller ride. Such is life of husband and father of two kids under 6 years. I did 1.5 hours. Started at 9:00pm after we put the kids to bed. Now having a glass of wine so I can get to bed. Have to get up at 5am for my 5:30 spin class.

Did 20 min Zone 1 warm up with cadence of around 92-100 rpm, then 10 min of Fast Pedal (100-108 cadence) in Zone 3 which is around 145 bpm. Then did 2 x 20 min of Zone 3 Tempo with cadence of around 70-75 with 10 min Zone 1 in between sets. Finished with 10 min Zone 1 cool down. This is far different that what I have done historically. I have never had this much structure, so I am looking forward to see what the results might be.

The last 2 weekends my plans to do long epic rides fell apart due to weather and family commitments. I was worried about this until I looked at training diary from last year. I did not do first long ride (4-6 hours) last year until Jan 15th. So I should be cool given I have far more volume this year and I been far more consistent (still only missed 2 days since X-mas). Plus I had pretty good fitness in Nov/Dec from cyclocross.

I am getting excited for first race and looking to getting on the podium in SS category at 12 Hours of Razorback (www.goneriding.com) on February 18th. Not sure who is driving down with me at this point. More on that later.

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