Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Random Update

Training has been going pretty good. In the 17 days since Christmas I have only missed two days and have over 21 hours. So, frequency has been good and volume is just ok. With the help of my coach, all my volume has been very structured, with NO junk miles. Plus have been very busy at work and with the family. I did not ride this past Sunday, which was supposed to be a long ride. However, this Saturday I am planning a big ride of 4-6 hours.

Have been thinking about my 2006 Race Schedule. First race is 12 Hours of Razorback in February, then TransIowa in April. Spring road races start in late March and early April. OMBC Series starts late April and continues though October. 24 hrs of Big Bear in June, Wilderness 101 and maybe 6 Hours of Power in July.

So right know focus and motivation is 12 Hours of Razorback. I ordered a new mtb for 2006...a Specialized Epic S-Works, unfortunately its not coming in until mid February. I ordered the rim braker version and they are not due in until Feb, so I am going to race my single speed, a Redline Monocog, at Razorback. I just upgraded the headset, wheels and got a new BB., so it should be good to go.

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