Sunday, January 22, 2006

First "Epic" RIde of '06

Saturday did a 2:15 solo ride on the single speed. Took it easy to get used to pushing the 44x18. Mostly Zone 2 (132-145) and Zone 3 (146-152).

Then on Sunday met Ross and Steve who race for Solon Bicycle ( for some single speed fun. We met in Chagrin Falls at 7:00. Ross was on his single speed and Steve picked a gear and did not shift. We rode around Chagrin, Gates Mills, Kirtland...a beautiful day...days like this is why I ride. The ground was frozen so we were able to ride some trails. Anyway, we rode until 11:00 and then dropped Steve at the car. Ross and I did another 1 hour plus for a total of about 55 miles and 4:45 ride time.

Ended up with just under 15 hours for the week. Next week will be about 15-17 followed by 16-18 the week after. Then cut ack to 12 and then 8 per week the week of 12 Hours of Razorback

Superbowl Sunday we are doing the Emerald Necklace Epic, no matter the weather. It is about 100 miles...should be fun.

Later, Brett

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