Monday, November 14, 2005


Bike Authority Cyclocross Race #2 was Sunday. Got a good start. Right behind Matt Weeks, guy that got second last week. I stayed on his wheel for 2 of 6 laps. Then he got a gap that he extended for next 2. I had a big gap on chase group. Started to catch him on lap 5, but on last lap he extended lead. Did 5 laps of A race for fun.

3 Good Things
Great start
Held lead wheel for 2 laps
Created and maintained large gap to chase group

3 bad things
Losing time on first set of barriers
Could not hold wheel for more than 2 laps.
Got confused on laps cards. What I thought was last lap, was not, ouch

I am going to rip some legs off next week.

This weeks training includes 9.5 hours:

Mon-Recovery (1:00)
Tues-2 sets of 3 x 4 VO2 Max intervals (1:30). Ouch!!
Wed-Recovery Ride (1:00)
Thurs-4 x 12 Threshold Intervals (1:30)
Friday-Cross bike ride, 2 x 3 - 5 min hard efforts on grass/dirt. Practice starts. (1:30)
Sat-Race (1:30)
Sun-Zone 2 Endurance Ride (2:00)

Is Matt Weeks doing VO2 max intervals? I hope not.

Would you like to join me for tomorrow's morning puke fest??

Later, BRD

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