Monday, November 07, 2005

Good Weekend

Got to race on Saturday at 11:00am, signed up and got about 25-30 min warmup. Did a couple hard efforts. Did 2.5 laps to warm up. Course was dry and fast. Got a good start and was within top three by mid lap. Was on the wheel of the eventual winner and we were pulling away. I rode his wheel for 1/2 lap and HR was close to 180. Lost focus and let him get a gap.

Then another guy got by and he bridged up to leader. Two others came by and I rode their wheels for a lap or so. We were taking turns to try to catch 1st and 2nd and one time when it was my turn I unknowingly gapped the 2 guys (both from Solon Bicycle). I slowly rode away from them and had about 20 second gap by finish. I ended up 3rd with 1st and 2nd pretty far ahead.

3 good things:
Good warm up and start
Making time in open field sections in big ring.
Dropped 2 guys on same team for 3rd place.

3 bad things:
Lost contact with leader, should have stayed on his wheel.
Lost focus when redlined, need to fight through the pain.
Rode hill section slow first couple laps, finally figured the best line.

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