Monday, November 21, 2005

Good Week of Training/Racing

Had a pretty good week of training. During the week did some intervals to sharpen up for cross race on Saturday. Here what I did:

Mon-40 min recovery ride on indoor trainer

Tues-20 min warmup, then 3 x 4 min VO2 max intervals. HR at 165-172. 3 min rest between, then 10 min rest then 3 x 4 again. 20 minute cooldown.

Wed-1:00 hour recovery ride on indoor trainer

Thurs-18 min warm up then 4 x 12 Zone 4 intervals 158-162 HR. 5 min recovery between.

Fri-Was suppoed to do an hour, with 2 x 3-5 min max efforts. Took day off instead.

Saturday: Cross Race. Did 30 min spin on trainer in morning. Got good 30 min warmup on the course. Got the holeshot and put the hammer down. Was off the front by myself. Held it for first lap, then Matt Weeks passed. I held his wheel for half a lap, then ran out of steam. Ended up with a group of 4 fighting for 3rd through 6th place. I ended up 6th about 15 seconds out of 3rd.

3 Good Things
Great start
Very agressive at start
Able to bunnyhop barriers
After blowup, recovered and caught group for 3rd place.

3 Bad Things
Went out too hard.
Did not take advantage of draft.
Felt effects of not riding the day before.

Sunday-Was supposed to do 2.0 hour endurance ride. Decided to ride the cross bike. It was a nice day, so I kept going and ended up with 96 miles and 5:50 rolling time, 6:00 total time.
Met Erhlinger at 7:15 on cross bikes. Gates Mills to Old Mill to River. South to Metroparkway to Richmond. North to Alexander, to Hike/Bike, to 82 to Station Street. Met group there at 9:00. Took towpath to Akron and Back to Cleveland, LTV, Carnegie.

Ended up with 12:30 hours. Legs feel pretty good. Big weekend of racing with cross races on Friday/Saturday and Sunday. An on Wednesday we have our annual Thanksgiving day ride.

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