Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cross Race on Saturday

I am pumped for Saturday's cross race. It is the first race of the Bike Authority Series and promises to be well attended give the warm and dry weather forecast. You never know who will show up at one of these races, particularly when it is warm.

I am racing the B class and feel well prepared. I've had a good 2 weeks of training leading up to Saturday. I got about about 10 hours in last week and averaged about 7 hours the three weeks prior. This week I already have 5 hours in with some focused workouts for cross thrown in.

The plan for Saturday is the get there early, get a good warm up and scout the course. Hope to idenitfy one or more people to mark in the B race. Look to be in the top 3 or 4 off the start and to let someone else do the pacemaking. Will size up the competition during the early laps and figure a good place to attack. If the pace is slow attack, if I am at my limit follow wheels. I don't think the course lends itself to drafting, so a solo effort off the front might work. Regardless, I am going to turn myself "inside-out" for 45 minutes.

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