Monday, December 05, 2005

Legends & Rockstars

Race yesterday went well despite less than optimal preparation. I was definitely not over trained . I did a good workout Tuesday but was off the bike Wed, Thurs, Friday. Saturday, I rode the trainer for 30 minutes and did one 3 min tempo effort and one 3 min high Zone 4/Low Zone 5 effort.

The rest of the story is the stuff of legends and rock stars. Saturday night we had a babysitter. Left house at 6pm and met sister in law and brother in law for a cocktail, then went to my sisters house for her birthday party, then came home and went to our neighbors Christmas party until 2:00am. I may have to move.

Got up feeling less than 100% and by 10:15 I was out the door to take my daughter to Sunday School. Came home packed up bikes/gear and rolled out at 10:50am. At 11:00 I had scheduled a conference call with a customer. By 11:20 I missed the 77 exit off 271. By 11:45 I was getting phone calls from concerned teammates.

At 11:55 I rolled into the parking lot. While driving I changed into my base layers, jersey and arm warmers, however no time for cycling shorts, so I went with the jeans/tight whiteys with right leg rolled up, ghetto! I hopped out of the car, grabbed my wallet, helmet and gloves and rolled to registration as they were blowing the whistle to gather the riders. I gave the lady at registration my wallet and she agreed to let me sign up after the race. Rolled to front row and had enough time to take a deep breath and off we went. Later, I was told that the guys in 2nd and 4th in points were congratulating themselves because I had not shown up, then when I rolled up a minute before the race with jeans on they were a little deflated.

The race went perfect. Started top 4 or five. Passed people and settled into overall series winner's wheel. We went back and forth the whole race and had a nice gap on third and fourth. I felt good and was not having any problem staying with him. I almost passed him on the last turn but slid out enough to lose my momentum. The guys I was tied for second on points ended up third about 30 seconds back.

I will post recap on the cross series later. Later, BRD

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