Monday, September 28, 2009


Due to some family commitments on Saturday, I skipped BA Cross #2 at KSU Stark campus and instead raced OMBC at West Branch SP. Due to some overnight rain the 9.0 mile course was slick, expecially the roots. There were 6 or 7 Vet Experts (over 35) including Rudy, Chris Skinner, Rusty from CAMBA and a few others I did not recognize.

I got a good start and stayed on Rudy's wheel as he worked his way to the front through the XC Ski trails. I let Skinner and another guy pass just before the single track and regretted it as Skinner and Rudy initially struggled in the rocks. The Dirty Hairy's rider who led into the rocks eventually ended up winning.

About three miles before the end the second lap (of three) I suddenly forgot how to ride my bike. I was sliding out, falling off bridges and hitting trees with my shoulder. It may have been due to a little bonk. As I started my third lap I ate an energy bar and that seemed to help. As I was trying to get my shit together, Rudy came flying by me on the XC Ski trail like I was standing still. I tried to ride smooth on the thrid lap which was aided by the rapidly drying course.

I eventually ended up in 6th place about 9 mins behind Skinner who ended up 3rd, 3 minutes down Rusty in 4th place and 2 mins behind Rudy. After nearly coming apart for 10 mins, I was pleased that I was able to regroup and ride reasonably well thereafter. Glad I had that eneregy bar.

Next week is Leroy Cross race. Anyone want to ride there for a little warm up?



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