Monday, September 14, 2009

Cyclocross - BA Series #1

Big turnout of around 150 racers on Sunday for the first race of the Bike Authority Cyclocross Series. Weather was perfect and the course was excellent with grass, dirt, sand, asphalt and gravel to contend with. The A field was large at over 40 riders and fast with many of the top local riders in attendance. I got a good start and was right in the top 10. I was feeling good coming through the start/finish on the first lap when I dropped my chain. I tried to re-install it while riding, but was forced to stop. I lost probably 10 spots and about 20 seconds.
After remounting, I started passing people. After chasing for a couple laps, I finally caught Ehrlinger and Steiner. I got by Steiner when he dropped his chain and later caught Erhlinger. I got a nice gap on them and seemed to be catching the next Spin rider, when with 2 laps to go I caught a pedal while rounding a turn and partially rolled my front Tufo tubular clincher. It was rubbing on the brake and I had to take it ez on the corners. I should have probably grabbed a new wheel but decided to ride it out.
Erhlinger and Steiner eventually caught me and I was unable to keep up with them. Then to add insult I dropped my chain after the barriers and Chip Meek caught and passed me. Anyway, I had a good day and felt strong. I was only 2 mins out of the top 10 after 60 mins of racing. Last year I was nearly 8 mins behind the winner and this year I was around 5 mins, so not too bad.
Thanks to Robert Sroka for the pictures.



Ray Huang said...

Hope we all got our troubles out of the way, but I know we havent. Reagan TT next weekend? thinking about it now.

Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Hey Brett, great job yesterday. Thanks to you, Ross and Bob for coming out and representing Solon Cycle! Check Robert's page for a link to more A race photos.