Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rant About Mortgage Bailout!

What ever happened to self reliance and personal responsibility? What I read in the paper daily, makes me want to puke. Here is a good article about Obama's mortgage bailout plan. The tax payers are really taking it up the ass on this one!


Why are we creating a safety net for people who bought more of a house than they can afford? I say that knowing that if I lose my job and can't find a new one, like quick, I'll probably lose my house and have to rent until I can get back on my feet. That is life. Remember kids, the Government is the enemy!



Anonymous said...

No doubt.

Rick said...

I feel the same way....but if it's out there I'm sure as hell going to take advantage of it.
Is it surprising that the stock market keeps getting worse? NOPE.

ds said...

All very good points, but where's the outrage over the corporate and investment bank bailouts? Their behavior was just as or more reckless than dumb consumers getting over their heads and betting the housing bubble would never burst. Obscene amounts in the CDS market, incredible investments in crappy mortage backed securities, etc. etc. If the most relevant question for bailouts is "who deserves them," I'm not so sure AIG fits the bill, or PNC, whose chief executive made $14.6 million in 2008. Just my 2 cents.

Investment Biker said...

DS - I have plenty of outrage about the banking and AIG bailouts. Just ask my wife who has to listen to me all the time. Government should get out the way. Too big to fail..bullshit! We should let them fail in my opinion rather than this long slow death thing that we are in for with these bailouts that are not going improve the economy. BRD

JimmyNick said...

I don't just want a bailout on my mortgage -- I want a multimillion-dollar bonus for my stupidity and materialism.
Socialism is now spelled with three letters: G.O.P.